Our Patron
Mar Jacob Manathodath

  We are always indebted to and are remembering with sincere gratitude for the continued patronage and guidance extended by His Excellency Rt Rev Dr Mar Jacob Manathodathu, the Bishop of Palakkad Diocese, wherein the Sehion Retreat Center is established. We are thankful to the Bishop for all his prayers and support for all our endeavors.

           Our Director
Fr. Xavier Khan Vattayil

Rev. Fr.Xavier Khan Vattayil is the Founder-Director of Sehion Retreat Center. He is more blessed by Holy Spirit, and is a renowned preacher of the 'WORD OF GOD'. He is committed to spread the 'Good News' all over the world, and his sermons and services are providing tremendous change in lives of people around the globe. The television programs led by Fr. Vattayil turn to many faithful, as the media for God to perform miracles.